Whenever we travel to another country, we obviously shop around and we want to do all sorts of stuff but at some point, we all want to slow down. And we then want to find a place that is serene and that is quite and that has nature only. many studies say that if you are in a city and you have to not seen the pure nature for quite a long while, you will be getting less creative and you will be getting tired of your work and that is why many say that ‘work hard and party harder’ but it is more better than partying if you spend much time in the purest nature.

Nature and green things are good for eyes and it relaxes the mind as well. If you have seen all the northern and all the cities of your country then you should travel to the one that is said to be the best country for tourists and that is friendly as well. And if you are wondering that what is that country then we must tell you that it is Canada according to immigration consultants in Dubai and by the Canada immigration consultants in Dubai. so, make sure to visit these lakes after you are done shopping;

  • Lake Louise: if you want to see the bluest water on earth then you have to visit this lake and to visit this lake, you have to travel to Banff national park in Alberta. Here, you will also see mountains and trees and small pockets of forests and you can have the best Instagram pictures for the whole year. It is a glacial lake and even though it is small but still it has the best views.
  • Garibaldi lake: if you want to see the most crystal clear water in the world then we suggest that you do not miss this lake and it is in the Garibaldi provincial park in British Columbia and it is 1484 meters above the sea levels so, remember that the reaching to this view is not easy.
  • Moraine Lake: again, you have to travel to Banff national park in Alberta to see this lake and it is a famous lake because it gives the perfect reflection of the mountain that is standing right in front of the lake.