Hall Requirements For Indoor Padel Tennis

Padel tennis, a combination of tennis and squash, is a popular racket sport that has gained tremendous popularity over the years. The sport can be played outdoors and indoors, requiring specific court dimensions and features for players to enjoy the game entirely. This article will focus on the hall requirements for padel rackets dubai.

Court dimensions:

An indoor padel tennis court is rectangular and measures 20 meters in length and 10 meters in width. The walls surrounding the court are three meters high and made of glass or a similar transparent material. The court has two service boxes, one on each side, and a net across the middle, dividing it into two halves.


The indoor padel tennis court flooring must have a resilient, non-slip surface that can withstand the constant impact of players’ movements. Rubberized flooring is the most common type used for padel tennis courts. It provides excellent shock absorption, reduces the risk of injury, and improves players’ performance by enhancing their footwork and agility.


Indoor padel tennis courts require bright, uniform lighting to ensure players can see the ball and make accurate shots. The illumination must be distributed evenly across the court, with no shadows or glare that can affect players’ vision. LED lights are the most suitable for padel tennis courts since they provide consistent brightness, have low energy consumption, and last longer than other lighting types.

Air circulation and temperature control:

Indoor padel tennis courts must have adequate air circulation to ensure proper ventilation and a comfortable playing environment. The temperature inside the court should be regulated between 18 to 24 degrees Celsius, depending on the outside temperature. The air conditioning system must be powerful enough to keep the air fresh and prevent players from overheating during intense matches.


Indoor padel tennis courts can generate a lot of noise, particularly during competitive matches. Soundproofing is essential to reduce noise levels and prevent sound from escaping to the outside environment. The walls and ceilings of the court should be covered with sound-absorbing materials such as foam or acoustic panels to minimize echoes and improve players’ concentration levels.

Indoor padel tennis is an exciting sport that requires specific hall requirements to ensure an optimal playing experience. These requirements include court dimensions, flooring, lighting, air circulation and temperature control, and soundproofing. By adhering to these requirements, players can enjoy the game thoroughly and improve their skills in a safe and comfortable environment.