Being a parent and sending kids to school is the most difficult thing in the world. You have to wake them up again and again and each time they have to say is five more minutes. And then they get up in a hurry only five minutes before the school starts and there is chaos everywhere in the house.

But there are some kids that are very obedient and they need one call to get up and the next thing you know that they are at the dinning table for breakfast. Some people say that it is all about the upbringing but the facts are totally different.

There are some schools that are boring and that is why the students don’t feel like going there and that is why they feel not going to school and if a kid is happy to go to school then it means that the schools is doing more good than just teaching.

Though there are different seasons as well and if you have a kid that needs to go to school then we suggest that you get him or her enrolled in nursery in Springs. Because in those days, the weather is pleasant and there are more outdoor activities and the kids feel happy as suggested by EYFS nursery in Dubai.

The schools are working day and night for coming up for ideas about making education more fun, interesting and entertaining for kids. Now the latest version of education is called edutainment which combines education and entertainment.

If you are a person who wants to make a nursery or a school and you need some ideas then we suggest that you read the below post because here we will tell you how to combine education and entertainment at the same time;

Jigsaw Puzzles: this is the kind of entertainment that sees no age and that is beneficial for your brain as well. many health experts say that if you want to improve your memory or intelligence then it is best that you have a big jigsaw puzzle at home. And in schools, you can use ABC jigsaw puzzles or any figures for puzzles.Physical Education: it is extremely important that there is more play then study and for physical education, you can have some interactive sports.