It is not simple to work out which diet is the best for you for so many to choose from. To help 65% of overweight adults, we asked our experts for advice to help them find a safe and reliable weight loss diet.

Both specialists agree on one thing: you should maintain the right weight loss strategy.

It doesn’t matter how smart the software looks (and many don’t sound), how speedy it operates (you’ll recover it as soon as you’ve been lost), or how many people have done it before. What counts is whether you can do as they always say — not what you’re meant to, just whether you will. When diets are not working, what to do? Not all food policies and services, of course, are sound in terms of research.

However, the diets everyone desires are the promising ones — which sadly usually are not permanent — the fastest and most painless outcomes. A combination of water, muscle, and a little fat, rather than fat, is typically lost quickly. Worse still, the loss is typically accompanied by gains.

“Many people continue to lose faded diets to collapse into a yo-yo weight loss syndrome with a weight increase,” says Rodriquez, a nutrition professor at North Florida University. “The outcome is that you lower your metabolism and get a weight that’s heavier than before you started.”

The plain fact is that losing weight is a simple formula: calories with fewer calories are equivalent to losing weight, gain, or maintain. Neither potions nor detox rituals will change the recipe, nor supplements.

Certain schedules promote a lot of workouts; others just move you. If you’re a sedentary guy, it may be nice to schedule hours in a gym, but it doesn’t take long in fact. Choose a curriculum that has a fitness aspect that you can do daily and improve slowly. Find a schedule that promotes and is feasible physical exercise, whether it’s dancing, gardening, walking, or just cleaning the house.

The experts believe that slow and steady leading the race should often be expected to lose weight easily. Normal healthy and successful weight loss is 1 to 2 pounds a week, the safest means of doing that is by diet and practice by consuming around 500 calories a day.

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