recording studio in Dubai is designed specifically for the recording and mixing of the sound, production of audio for different musical performances, words and other types of sounds. It ranges from small home size studio from a large building with the space of more than 100 musicians. Recording studio is used to record songs, instruments like piano, guitar, saxophone etc.

Different Rooms for Different Purposes

The recording studio consists of different rooms for every task. Each of them is designed by engineers for the specific purpose. Windows are added to each room for commenting everyone from each other.

1-Living Room

It is the room of the studio where instruments are played by the instrumentalist with microphones and other electronic accessories. The instruments, outputs and other devices are connected to the mixing board.

2-Isolation & Vocal Booths

Vocal Booths are simply designed for the singers. Isolation Booths are the small sound-insulated rooms specially designed for loud speakers for the instrumentalists. There are windows present in both the rooms to make the singers, performers, band members and staff stay connected with each other.

3-Control Room

The mic and the signals of the instruments are mixed by the producers and audio engineers and specialists in the control room. The tape, mixing console, monitors, headphones, recorder, hard disks and many other equipment are utilised for this purpose.

4-Machine Room

It is important to prevent the noise to interfere the singing and recording process. Therefore, different equipment like power amplifiers and fan-cooling computers are kept in the machine room for the noise cancellation.

The Designing of the Recording StudioThe studios are designed properly by keeping principles of room acoustics in mind. The acoustical treatment, soundproofing and the proper physical dimensions are included in the Architectural Acoustics. Diffusion, absorption and other materials are utilised for the Acoustical treatment. Soundproofing prevents the sound to enter from one room to another and does not disturbs the musicians of the other rooms. It has a wide role to prevent the surroundings noises like roads or streets noising to enter inside the recording studio. There are many other facts that are important for the recording studio including the American voice over artist and many others as well.