In the past few years, Education has become a business, which is an alarming situation for the education sector. Therefore finding the school with the best qualities has become a daunting task for every parent. Many schools are focusing on earning a profit, not providing quality education to students. However, we decided to share some best qualities of a school, which may help you find the best school in Doha.

Here are the qualities of a good school:

Clear vision:

The best schools have a clear vision of the future; they set goals for the future and work hard to achieve these goals. Every member of a school, including staff and teachers, are aware of the vision.  They know how to work for the betterment of the school.

Neat and clean environment:

The best school always focuses on the betterment of the environment. These schools provide a neat and clean environment for students, which improve their skills as well as knowledge. The students feel comfortable and energetic in the school when you make sure to provide them fresher and clean environment. It is helpful for everyone, including teachers.

Qualified and skilled teachers:

Teachers are role models for students. A good teacher always creates a great influence on them. They play a crucial role in the shaping of students’ personality. Therefore, teachers should have the ability to explore the student’s talents. The best school always considers teachers that have these qualities. They set strict criteria to hire teachers; if somebody fall this criterion they hire them.

Focus on learning and Teaching:

The best schools are curious about their learning and teaching methods. They hire teacher trainers to explore more teaching skills, which make them learn how to motivate and engage the class. They also monitor the performance of the teacher. Schools also focus on enhancing their practical skills by providing them extra curriculum activities.

Supportive staff:

The best schools have good supportive staff from doctors, counselors, nurses to psychologists. They are always ready to help students with their needs. They make sure to provide quality products such as food, playground, and other school supplies.


Good schools make sure to provide a better platform for students to make collaborations with students and teachers. They assign them projects to make learning how to work as a team.

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