Balloon modeling refers to the art of shaping and twisting balloons into different figures and structures including animals, shapes, numbers, alphabets and many more. A talented “twister” as they call it, can make just about anything from manipulating balloons by bending, twisting and molding them. As they often make tons of figures in one sitting, twisters usually use a pump to blow up their balloons.

The art of twisting balloons is not only associated with birthday parties, clowns, funny hats and poodles but there are actually some strong divisions of twisters and there exists an almost unknown world of the professional balloon twisters. These talented balloon twisters create quite interesting things such as a massive model of a racing car or several cartoon and movie characters out of balloons.

If you wish to be a balloon twister choose the right material. The balloons for modeling come in comprehensive selection of colors, shapes and sizes that are sure to drive your creative side. The most common balloon used is the 260; that is 2 inches in diameter and 60 inches long when fully inflated. You can try with the larger and the smaller models as you desire.

260 is the mostly used typical balloon whereas size 160 is thinner and good for things like detailing balloon characters. The most impressive and perfect fit for one-of-a-kind pieces size 350 is the best though a bit harder. The 350 is most commonly used as a base for the larger pieces. The largest balloon you can use is the 646; using this balloon for sculpture is dramatic without any exaggeration.

You can choose to beautify your balloons by adding on other balloons using adhesives. Find out about the right adhesive that would work the best and the one that may cause damage to the balloons. Rubber cement that is bottled in a solvent can be used but cautiously. It must dry a little to clear the solvent before applying it onto the balloon or it will dissolve your balloons. Avoid popping your balloons by your own hands having glue or adhesives stuck to your fingers while working.
You would find a number of online balloon stores offering all kinds and types of shapes, colors, objects, alphabets and number balloons in Dubai.