Not everyone knows how to draw an artistic painting, but do not worry because this is where the painting services come in handy. To provide these services there are several professionals known as decorator or painter.

But there are some things to know before hiring a painter or a decorator.

  1. Making your mind: For painting you must first decide if you want to do it yourself or if you want to hire someone with an expertise. If you decide to do it yourself then remember that you would be spending a lot of time on this. Not to demotivate but, there is a very high probability of ruining the whole project and then spending more inevitably.
  2. Price: The painting services are relatively reasonable; most of the painters prefer their own method of payment for example: some charge a couple of dollars for some square meter or some charge $40-50 for an hour. The painting services in Dubai are relatively cheaper than the US and most of the world. A normal painter in Dubai can charge anywhere around AED 15-30  for an hour of painting, which probably means the full painting can cost about AED 150-250.
  3. Getting ready: If you are getting ready to paint or even hiring someone professional, there are many things that you need to look out for. This includes; moving furniture or covering plastic things like sockets – to prevent the paint from sticking onto it. Moving further; rinse your wall with water. Even though this might seem as a dumb idea but the paint does not stick correctly to a dirty wall, not only this but take off anything which is stuck onto the wall, it may be a clock, painting, an old photo or just any hindrance in general.
  4. Hiring a professional: If you are hiring a professional to do your job then you must know where to find him. There are multiple search engines such as google, yahoo, etc. Not only that but there are many freelancing websites such as fiverr or websites like craigslist. Painters upload their achievements and studies along with their charges.

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