In the world of today, people are becoming more and more diet conscious and they make sure that they are fit and slim. There are even different disorders coming out on people where they stop eating and they almost become skeletons. There are different techs that are emerging to help the over weighing people lose fat instantly and many kinds of diets and exercises have been discovered that makes the person lose weight very fast. There was a time when people used to do years and months of exercising but now you can even lose weight in days. According to some health experts this is good but for many this has many disadvantages as well. That is why it also made us tick that how skinny is skinny and after searching for right answers, we got the confirmed people from a very famous company of healthy diet Dubai and from another famous company of healthy meal plans in Abu Dhabi, keep reading to know about the world’s skinniest people ever;

  1. The first person is a guy named Tom Staniford. He is said to be the skinniest person and by profession, he is a cyclist and not because he is a cyclist that is why he is skinny, the fact is that he has a rare disease in which the body does not produce any kind of fat and does not accept the fat. He was born with it and when he was born, the chances of his survival were very less but instead, he led a very normal life and an extraordinary one because he became a very popular cyclist.
  2. The second person is a woman named Loana Spangenberg. The skinniest woman alive and she is said to be the woman who has the body shape of an hour glass. She is 84 pounds and she is 5 feet and 6 inches tall. Unlike Tom Staniford who had a rare disease, this woman has low fat levels in her body and she eats almost everything but she does not get fat at all. Though she likes to keep herself fit as well but she is one lucky woman.
  3. The third person is also a woman named Lizzie Valesquez. This lady has a rare condition named Neonatal Progeroid Syndrome and she is the 3rd person to have it in the world and she weighs 26 kilo grams only and she eats every 15 minutes to stay alive.