The two most common and famous tradition back-to-back. Which one is better than the other? How much time it takes to master both of them or can we master both them at all? People who are good singers as well as dancers. But eventually, move towards dancing as their favorite performance on stage. Even though they may enjoy singing as much, when it comes to performances, dancing is what rules the roost.

Trust you’re self

The most important part is to openly accept what your mind and heart say about singing and dancing. Ask yourself questions every day. What I like the most, perform on school and colleges and observe your body does it crave a little shaking, or I am perfectly still. Your heart is the best guidance.

Key differences between a singer and dancer

 These differences are important to know so that you could distinguish the ideas and myths that you have created between singing and dancing

•           A solo song performer may have two options: to sing along with the orchestra or without it. If the singer chooses to sing along with the orchestra, it needs a lot of practice to tune along with the orchestra, to set them to your scale, else the performance is a disaster.

•           A solo dancer, on the other hand, has just one external parameter that may affect his performance – to make sure that the audio plays properly

•           Somehow the audio and visual effects impact a human brain more than audio alone. So, even average dancers sometimes get away with more applause than good singers!

•           Singing is tougher than dancing. You can always do away with being an average dancer, but singing is a different feat altogether!

•           A solo dancer does not need to rehearse a lot. She just needs to know the song she is dancing on, really well.

Get yourself a mentor         

To know if you are the best you have to learn from the best. There are many professional dance classes in Dubai to learn and get inspired from. But if you are looking to improve your vocals, singing classes in Dubai are a hit. Many legends and artists have worked with many celebrities, who can help you get started. However, there will be years of struggle and dedication in front of you. So, get yourself prepared for the challenges to come in your way